‘Balance’ Collection, Lush Showcase 2018

Lush asked me to write spoken word pieces capturing the feeling of ‘re-balance’; the feeling of restorative harmony after unrest or turmoil. This was for a soundtrack to be played in the Lush Mood space at this year’s Showcase in Manchester. Below are three poems; AllongéBeachy Head, and When the Rain Passes.

Be prepared to cringe at the audio recordings.



for one

umbrella tree in youthful green

for two

support from hidden hands for three

and grounded by heavy life

for four

follow a half turn promenade

for five

and six


a stretch in search of balance



back into first

Beachy Head

Beachy Head

Torn earth

My sighing lungs chilled in the morning crust

In a panic, my feet tease the cliff edge

But like chalky powder through my fingers

I feel them ease

Where I find balance, I find potential

Caught between life and death


I am soothed in a tranquil gaze

Where one move off-kilter changes everything

but, for now, at least

Nothing else remains but the ocean

and I am





simply to place my feet where few have trod before.

When the Rain Passes

When the rain passes

Roads become brooks in the early hours

All’s still when the rain passes


from clouds

Last drops


Pointing, pointing

pointing, pointing, pointing

To the wet soil

Thin pin mist, hit by rays of glorious light

Fresh clean air when the rain passes

Yesterday’s slings and arrows

Now fine glass

Resting on the rims of the

terracotta pots in the garden

Clear thin pin mist, from rain

It passes


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