Titanium Eyes

Here’s a short poem about a satellite.

Come and see me read some poetry at the Lush Showcase in Manchester on the 24th September! https://uk.lush.com/article/lush-showcase-2018-ticket-faq

Prometheus stirred at my making

He could not see beneath my titanium eyes

Designed to adore a distant mother

Was it jaundice or jealousy

Which turned him a shade of chartreuse

At my ascent of fire

To the place where I float on cradled paradise

Or perhaps he could not distinguish

The rocket from the eagle

For flesh, immortal metal

Stays cold to the sun on my neck

But I am no angel, nor is my duty divine

I serve as a witness

To a face out of balance

I gather answers to questions that I did not ask

I can only look

As Earth cries tsunamis and floods

As Man satisfies his cravings for

Lifeblood, draining the colour from her cheeks

I can only look

At illuminated torture

From my dwellings in darkness

Bound to a rock with everlasting chains


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